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It is true that we have changed 5000 years of MUG culture.

This will be Zemun LLC's first Kickstarter campaign. However, Zemun LLC is already well established on Amazon. In the past three years, we have sold nearly 30,000 products on Amazon.com and amazon.co.uk. As you know, Amazon’s platform is completely customer oriented. Our Amazon sales experience has taught us so much about customer satisfaction and eCommerce sales. We specialize in solving the problems our customers experience quickly and efficiently. All products we sell are manufactured with the approval of any relevant quality standards. Creating a new product and running a crowded financing campaign has provided us with broad and valuable experience. This sales experience has allowed us to grow as a team and focus on and improve the production stages, logistics, communication with customers and to offer an innovative and high-quality product.

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Tests have shown that Du-Ceramic is 20% more durable than porcelain. Below you can see the material structure under the microscope.